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For over fifteen incredible years, Interior Designer Andy Quinones and Design Project manager Brently Frey have graced high-end homes, corporations, and yachts throughout Florida, the United States, and the Caribbean with their talent and design expertise. Based in East Fort Lauderdale, our company is affiliated with numerous artisans, trades professionals, and product vendors in South Florida and worldwide. Brently Frey, a graduate of the University of Missouri with a B.A. in Art and Marketing, is a devoted art collector with extensive knowledge of how the design and construction industries work. His project management skills are superb. Andy Quinones, a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a B.S. in interior design, also studied art and architecture at Pratt Institute in his native New York City before founding the company in South Florida. Andy is a proud member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Today, his work is widely recognized by a faithful clientele throughout the U.S. & The Caribbean. The company has been featured numerous times in top design publications. Andy Quinones is also an accomplished fine artist whose art is frequently incorporated into his projects.

Artistic Interiors
Andy Quinones Interior Designer
Artistic Interiors
Brently Frey Design Project manager

Company Bio

The Historic Gateway Theatre Building Is Home to Artistic Interiors
941 NE 19th Ave. Suite 204, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
954-257-0882 / andyqart@yahoo.com
Andy Quinones - Interior Designer
Brently Frey - Design Project Manager

Artistic Interiors was founded in 2004 by interior designer Andy Quinones and has made its mark in Fort Lauderdale as one of the most prestigious and reputable interior design firms in South Florida. We are fully equipped with the latest technology for design visualization, a knowledgeable team of contractors, and an efficient project management team with excellent customer service. We constantly search for innovative ideas, design products, and art from all over the planet to ensure our clients' turn-key interior design experience is unique, alluring, and timeless. We work in every design style and adapt to most budgets.

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